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You can ensure your trust and privacy in Walker-Vice Resources. We are a proud and dedicated member of the AADDM and are insured.
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    What is a daily money manager?
    Daily Money Managers (DMMs) are professionals who provide personal assistance to clients who need help maintaining their day-to-day financial affairs. DMMs are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics. For more information on Daily Money Managers please visit the Association of Daily Money Managers.
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    Who benefits from the services of a daily money manager?
    Clients come to us for many different reasons. They can include but are not limited to: Senior citizens needing assistance paying bills or sorting out financial affairs Adult children of an older person who lives far away or does not have time to tend to their parents' affairs Busy individuals, travelers or retirees who would rather spend their time living life instead of having to worry about the task of their financial affairs Families/spouses sorting out a past loved one's Estate Divorcees, widows or widowers needing help and/or advice organizing their daily finances.
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    How will I know that my bills have been paid?
    You will receive a detailed monthly statement from Walker-Vice Financial Resources showing you all the bills that have been paid with amounts and dates. We will also organize your tax information as well as forward to you any important Terms and Conditions of account updates or changing of interest rates for bills or credit cards.
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    What is your privacy policy?
    As a proud and dedicated member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) we are bound by the standards and ethics of the association. The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us and we ensure your information will never be shared with any person without your consent unless required by a governmental agency. We are also HIPAA compliant.
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    Am I able to use my own Financial and Legal Advisors?
    Absolutely! We encourage it as well as use referrals for clients. We will work closely with your chosen or existing Attorneys, Accountants, and/or Financial Advisors. We do not take place of these advisors but instead work hand in hand with them. We do not provide legal, investment, insurance, or tax advice. We are happy to refer you to a specialist in the given field.
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    How much are your services?
    Our pricing for services are found under the "Services" tab listed under Pricing. Our no obligation, no cost consultation is always FREE.